Thursday, July 19, 2007

July 19

This is my last official blog. I found learning about assistive technology interesting today. I liked the demonstration of Kurzweil and intellitools interesting. I can see how these technologies might help many students, not just those with documented disabilities. Some learners are more oral, and they would find the oral reading of text very helpful. I think as the price of Kurzweil and other assistive technologies comes down, and the more available it can be to all students, the better. The more inclusive we can be as educators, and the more we can offer a variety of learning modes to each student, the more effective we can be as teachers.

However, as our instructor pointed out, students still have to perform on high-stakes tests which are not offered in alternate modes. So, on the one hand, the trend in education is "accountability" through single, tradition verbal/logical tests, and on the other hand, we are encouraged to promote learning through a variety of modes. Hmmmmm. There is definitely a disconnect here.


Rachel said...

Well stated. I try to teach content to my students in a variety of ways to encompass all learners. However I struggle with the knowledge that they have difficulty succeeding on standardized tests because of their inabilities to understand the given format. I have learned that along with their preferred learning style things need to be reenforced and reviewed according to the norms and average presentation on state tests and in their primary classrooms regardless of their preferences.

Anne said...

Thanks for the heads up about things to watch for when teaching (if you are an itinerate teacher). I really apprecite the authentic feedback!
I wish your husband well at his job, and I hope you and your family have a wonderful summer!

Janet said...

Assistive technology is a fascinating area to work in, I think, Jody. It is individualized and it can literally change a persons life! I hope you enjoy the rest of the summer.