Tuesday, July 17, 2007

July 17, 2007

Today's emerging technology presentations were interesting. I am really looking forward to playing with Inspiration tomorrow. I have used it a little bit, but I'd like to become more adept at using this software. I think it's very useful for my students because many of them are visual learners.

On another topic, I am interested in learning about podcasting. I have to admit I have never downloaded a podcast. Perhaps I will do so this week! I have a question about podcasting. How does podcast differ from on-line radio? Do they both use the same technology?


Nancy said...

A podcast can be an archived copy of a live radio broadcast. If you visit NPR, www.npr.org/, you will see podcasts of many of their programs. I subscribe to This I Believe. I never seem to catch it live so with the pod cast I can listen to it whenever I want either on the computer or on my iPod.

Janet said...

Thanks, Nancy, for providing the explanation. The advantage of a podcast is that you can download it and take listen to it when you don't have access to the Internet or maybe even a computer. You asked a great question, Jody.

Anne said...

I'm interested in podcasting too. It's so funny, I went home the other day and said to my husband (I just got married in August) that I am learning so many things that I have never previously had exposure to. I actually would really like to take more courses in technology and maybe even do a master's in technology of ed. We'll see. Right now I am finishing up my master's plus almost 30 credits, so I think I'll take it one step at a time. But, technology is interesting!