Monday, July 9, 2007

Future Education

Here is a quote and my responses from 2020Visions. 2020Visions.pdf ( The context is a retiring teacher is looking back at her career and talking about herself as a teacher in 2025:

"My world and my role today as a teacher is
very different from what you describe. I’ve
been trained as a facilitator of information and
critical thinking, I rarely lecture."

I also see myself as a facilitator of information and critical thinking. I also rarely lecture in the classroom. I believe in preparing before class, structuring a lesson, and then getting students started to work individually, in pairs, in groups, etc.

"And, the Internet is for me not just a collection of facts,
but a living organism of ideas and experimental
opportunity. Knowledge and understanding are
derived from countless exchanges of information
and collaborative explorations of concepts and
experiments involving sources around the globe"

Use of technology is where I am much less adept. Though I can research on the internet and screen information effectively, and though I have used some basic technology in the classroom, I have not used technology and the internet as much and as effectively as I would like in the classroom. That's why I am taking this class.


Janet said...

I'm looking forward to reading more about your thoughts about how you might use technology in the classroom. It is interesting, I find, to think about how much education may change in a few years.

jody said...

I looked at a fun website today (which I furled). It presents graphic organizers for literary analyses. This is an example of a tool I could definately see having my students use. I "played" with the graphic organizer about conflict in the short story "A Rose for Emily" by William Faulkner. I can definately see how my students would be able to use this tool to help them develop ideas to use in writing literary analyses, especially those students who have difficulty generating ideas about literature.